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Making Eclipse
Welcome to 2015!!

Dennis W. Montville

Artist, woodturner and builder of woodturning solutions

Sterling Heights, MI


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21 Artist Brush and Pencil Holder

Embedded Tech



Elm bowl

Segmented Bowl "Keystone"

Segmented turning - Ash

Mahogany bowl
Pyrography with color

Pencil Holder made with integrated circuit chips - PH6

Pencil Holder made with integrated circuit chips - PH7

Twin Within
Black Locust

Experience Story
Box Elder bowl

21 Brushes or Pencil Holder

Following Seas
Wormy maple and stain

Return One
Maple bowl with carving and pyrography

Transformation 1

Tool Hardware and Accessories

Sharpening Block

Small 1/8" square tool bit

Standard 1/4" tool bit

Small 1/8" bit tool hardware kit

Standard 1/4" bit tool hardware kit

2-Tool hardware kit w/sharpening block

Tall Cole Jaw Grippers

Update: January 1, 2015

I'm trying to start the New Year off right. I'm changing how I do things on this site. I will try to keep it up as I make new things and sell others, but you can always find my latest on my Etsy store. That's where I do most of my sales. You can always contact me directly with an email any time.

Artist Statementnt>

"Wood is one of the most expressive fundamental elements on earth. Once part of a living organism, it still expresses the echoes of that life captured within its fibers. This is the "voice" of the material. Engineering is the "voice" that humankind uses to express itself with works of visual and functional presence. My work combines both voices to create a harmony of natural and man-made beauty"

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Type of work I do
I amI am an artistic woodturner, but that's not the only type of wood work that I do. Here's a short list of my capabilities:
  • Match to a partrong>
  • Turn to a drawing
  • Custom fits
  • Repairs and replacement work
  • Architectural turnings
  • Prototype models and molds
  • Special one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Exotic and domestic wood turning
  • My wood or bring your own
  • Rough turning or finish turning
 Here is a list of tools I have available in my shop
10 inch table saw 16 i16 inch bandsaw (metal and wood cutting) scroll saw horizontal bandsaw (metal cutting) 10 inch radial arm sawrong> 15 inch nch thickness planer bandsaw blade resistance welder 7 inch metal latherong>
16 inch wood lathe (can turn outboard to 36 inch plus) 7 inch jointer 18-36 drum sander 6x48 belt sander oscillating spindle sander 12 inch disc sander 6 inch and 8 inch grinders 1/2 inch floor standing drill press
sand blasting cabinet many air and electric hand tools Let me know what work you might need done. If you'd like to talk about a project just send me an email at

I'm now represented in a gallery store

You can now find my bowls in the Store at the Grosse Pointe Art Center. Please go check out their gallery and look into their store for pieces by me and other creative artists. I'm sure you'll find that special gift for yourself or someone special.


Below are photos of the lamp I made for a client out of a prototype GM rotary engine cylinder and piston.


The Story Behind This Lamp

A goA good friend of mine is Mike Paradise. He is the Media Coordinator at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Back in the 70's I worked at the General Motors Tech Center. While there I had a friend that worked on the rotary engine development program and used to talk about his vacation home on Grand Cayman Island. I was working as a technician and did emissions tests on that engine with him. That guy was Mike Paradise's father, Bob Paradise. Flash-forward to today and a conversation that Mike and I had where he mentioned that a lamp that had been started as a retirement gift for his dad was never completed. It was to be made from a rotary engine block section and piston. This conversation was after my dad fell and broke his neck, which got Mike to think how fleeting life can be and made him wish he could finish that lamp while his father was still alive. I told him I'd like to do that for him and so he brought it in, along with the emblem that was made for the car that never actually got built. What you see in the photos is the completed lamp made with those parts. The shade frame is to be covered with some sort of material yet to be decided on. Mike wants to get that done himself so I just designed and made the frame. The only things Mike gave me was the metal parts of the engine and the shiny emblem. The base is from a larger board of curly bubinga. You should see it in person. It's really hard to get a truly good photo of it, but it has a lot of character. The small teardrop-shaped element that holds the emblem is reminiscent of 50's and 60's vintage futuristic designs from GM.