The Totem at Arrowmont

When I was at Arrowmont this summer I talked to Dave Hankey who showed me the totem poles that are set up there for interested clubs to donate a section to. The idea is this, your club designs and builds a section to add to the totem. This section should represent your club and/or region. This allow you to show support for Arrowmont while also informing visitors about you. I took several photos to show the totems and some of the individual sections that clubs around the country have added.  

I took two photos of the totems and a few of individual sections. Click on the photos to pull up a large image in your browser. 

One of the key ingredients of a section is that it must fit over a 4" diameter pipe. I suppose making a 4 1/2" hole down the center would be a good move. There's no need for a tight fit.

    I think it would be great if the DAW could design and build a section for the totems at Arrowmont to represent Detroit, Woodturners and craftsmanship in general. Let's get on the map and add our name to the list of noteworthy artisans.